The Team Behind the Scenes

Behind every successful event, there is a well aligned and motivated team. Without these individuals tireless efforts for almost three months, the Jam would not have been the way it come out..

Francis Xavier

Over the last 9 years, Francis has worked in various startup at various stages of inception and also has been involved in the innovation groups through service design and design thinking. Currently runs a small information design studio based out of Bangalore and services clients across the country and in UK. Has worked with clients like Flipkart, USL, Millward Brown to name a few.

Shivanshu Som

Shivanshu is a seasoned Product Management professional who has worked on variois platforms like IoT, connected devices, mobile and Web. He has also co-founded a healthcare startup in the past. Besides his passion for tech, he is a guitarist and a songwriter.

Aishwarya Adukadan

Aishwarya Adukadan is a designer and visualiser with her background in textiles.She is currently based out of Mumbai, and is pursuing her master's degree in design research. She believes in expressing herself through her doodles and paintings.Backpacking and disappearing on biketrips are something she is extremly fond off.

Binoyeeta Das

Binoyeeta is a Senior Design Specialist at Vizen Design with 8+ years experience in Graphic Design for print and web media. She has been an active part of Service Jams and loves the idea of brainstorming to constantly come up with new ideas. Music enthusiast; Art Collector; Movie Buff. She believes that the only way a "traveler" can satisfy their wayfaring compulsion is to take a "voyage" into the great unknown.

Nitya Kumar

Nitya is a service designer from Bangalore. She is a problem solver. She loves working on challenges big or small, and does it the design thinking way. She works with startups, corporates and universities to help them innovate.

Nida Ahmed

Nida is a graphic design at Vizen Design. What adds a spark of uniqueness is her sense of creativity, brewed with the essential tinge of logic. For her, design is a mix of her fights with her cat, her musings with random thoughts and the occasional brilliance in ideas. If you get to meet her, she'd have a thousand stories about this and that and can really keep you amused for a long time. But beware, she often doesn't ironically mingle and likes to keep her nose on the screen.


Jyothi is an aspiring Web Developer based from Bangalore who specialized in front-end development . She is dedicated to building and developing user-centric designs. Her enthusiasm for constantly learning and leverage technical, analytical and problem-solving skillsets is her biggest strength. She loves singing, listening to music and playing badminton.

Uttara Garg

Uttara Garg is an illustrator from Bangalore. She likes to paint, sculpt, cook and travel. She has always been in a love affair with all things pretty. She goes by the name TangyTinge, and you can always find her hands full with new things to do.

Megha Maitra

Megha Maitra is a nascent graphic designer from Bangalore. She has completed her graduation from Jaipur, and has shifted to Bangalore. She loves to doodle, illustrate and cook. Music and photography excites her. She expresses herself through her photography skills.


By profession Mukesh is a tech lead in cloud storage. When he is not working, you will find him among the mountains capturing the nature through his camera.

Satyadeep Singh

Satyadeep Singh works as an activist artist and visual thinker with his background in communication design. He believes in expressing societal and cultural issues with a different medium of contemporary art practices.


Tuhina is an Engineer at a startup in Bangalore. She has a knack for algorithms and problem solving. She dabbles in photography and badminton in the weekends. She also loves pets.

Tanushka Khaneja

Tanushka is a graphic designer at 'The Integrated Pengiun'. She has a childlike curiosity which makes her very explorative in her design work. She loves to sketch and paint. She isn't talkative as a person but believes her artworks do it for her.

Ritesh Kumar

Ritesh is a UX specialist with almost 5 years of experience. Believer of creativity, sensibility and simplicity to build usability, he has worked on building experiences for web, mobile, AR/VR, IoT and automotive infotainment. With a love for technology he's a nature enthusiast as well. You can find him mountain biking around Nandi Hills during the weekends and summiting mountain peaks on his vacations.


Sangeeta believes that words can have the power to inspire change. She collects human-interest stories from across India to help organisations connect with stakeholders through digital media and communication strategies! She likes trains, beaches and dogs. When not busy binge-watching Netflix, Sangeeta loves introspective trips in off-the-grid places.

Bishal Kumar

Bishal is an engineer turn design researcher, currently doing his masters in design space. He has worked in the industry as a UX researcher, he loves traveling and believes in telling stories through his photography.

Dibya Kumari

Dibya works as a motion graphics designer in Design Esthetics with her background in Communication Design. She is fascinated with 3D Modeling, cinematography and Video Editing. She relishes to challenge herself to keep her motivated. She additionally dotes nature photography.

Ishiyetaa Saxena

Ishiyetaa is a user experience and service designer currently based out of Bombay. Her area of interest and experience in service design lies in the domain of social innovation- namely education, healthcare, banking and rural development across India and Scotland. She loves postcards, solo travel and good conversations.

Nikita Chandawale

Nikita is a User Researcher at Flipkart. She translates discoveries into actionable insights that inspire design and strategy for delightful, pleasurable, and smart experiences within products. She has attended and facilitated Jams both in India and in the UK. On the weekends, she is usually found in pottery studio spinning away.