Come to the biggest design thinking event

48 Hours to Save the World

On 29-30-31 March 2019, people using a design thinking approach to problem solving and creativity will meet all over the globe to ideate & design services based on a common theme. In spirit of experimentation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme. On Sunday afternoon, they publish them to the world.

What is the Jam?

Jam is like a Hackathon, but design-based. It’s a 2.5 day design workshop where people from diverse backgrounds solve complex problems using design thinking and service design toolkits.

Like problem solving and tinkering on ideas and businesses?

An ‘Open for All’ event

Jams are open for all events, meaning if you participate, you can easily be sitting with a mad designer, a dev dude, a cool marketing person and who knows who else.

Your team could be a mix of 54 year olds and 18 year olds. Crazy?

Jams are “serious” fun

Imagine a workplace where projects are challenging and interesting while your colleagues are bunch who are motivated and excited apart from being, fun to work with.

How would that feel like?

Jam Superheroes

Read more about our Superheroes by clicking on their profile pictures.


David McCann

Founder at BCX Design

Babuji Abraham

Founder/CEO at “Xdorf AI”

Abhijit Sinha

Founder/CEO at Project DEFY (.org)

Prabuddha Vyas

Managing Director at UniKwan


Design Director at IBM iX Blr Design Studio

Rahul Ajmera

Head of Design and Co-founder at Twist Open Innovations

Shreya Pranit


Pruthwik Janamatti

Travel Adventurer

Madhulikha Umapathy

Co-Founder at Pomogranade


Rekha Jaishankar

Head Content Strategy and Research

Anurag Rath

Founder & CEO at Think201

Prashant KC

Assoc. Prof., Dept. of FC, NIFT Blr

Rekha Gupta Menon

Co-Founder at Move78

Karishma Ajmera

Founder and Creative Director at Twist Open Innovations

Ramesh Agarwal

COO at Food Safety Works

Vasudha Chandak

UX Recruiter

Manish G Pillewar

Solution Consultant (Experience Design) at Sahaj Software Solutions


Mehul Kanodia

Consultant at Udhyam Learning Foundation

Aanay Tiwari

Product Guy at IBM

Anirudhan T

Head of Corporate Innovation at NUMA

Muthuraj Thangavel

Product Manager at SAP Labs

Deepshikha Bhardwaj

Research and Marketing Consultant

Mritunjay Kumar

Product Leader at OpenText

Shweta Salpe

Service and Experience Design


29th Fri 5pm onwards
30th Sat 9am-9pm
31st Sun 9am-6pm


80th Feet Road,

Event Registrations

Rs. 1200/-

Entry by Registrations only


01. Registration

Registrations help us understand the jammers who are coming and shortlist participants.

02. Shortlisting

The Org teams shortlists and puts out the list of participants on the website (and obviously, mails them as well)

03. Payment

All shortlisted participants are asked to pay while post payment, we confirm receipt over mail.


– Attend the 2.5 day jam session on Service Design

– Lunch for Day 2 and Day 3

– Get to hear from Speakers from diverse fields

– Snacks & Coffee for the two days

– Stationaries for Brainstorming

Jammers 2019

And many more…


Jams are meant for individuals, you or your teams can register but during the jam time, the teams are randomly formed. This makes the jam more interesting and helps participants to not have biases towards their team members.

Registration has to be done. Basis the registration, shortlisted participants will be send invites and instructions for the Jam. The registrations forms are on the website.

Once you have registered, we will take a week to shortlist and put up the names on the website. Apart from sending mails about the event, payments and logistical details for the event.

Jams are not really focused on design so much that you would need design skillsets. This primarily is an open for all event, so high chances that there will be people in your team who are completely from non-design backgrounds.

This is typically an open for all event. That said, the reason we also invite startup folks is to help them through the process of design thinking. The methodology used helps understand realistic team dynamics and how ideas takes shape. It gives an alt perspective on apart from your teams.

A very important question but unfortunately, the jam being a community event we don’t have the budgets or resources to handle stay as well for everyone coming from outstation. Participants have to take care about this on their own.